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    Greek oregano, also known as Rigani, is a versatile herb widely used in Greek cuisine. It is known for its pungent flavor, sharper than true wild oregano, and is an essential ingredient in countless Mediterranean recipes. Greek oregano is used in various dishes, including tomato sauces, meats, fish, cheese, egg dishes, salads, and vegetables like tomatoes, zucchini, and green beans

    It has a warm, slightly sour, and spicy taste, which can vary in intensity depending on the conditions it's grown in. The herb gives an earthy, savory flavor to a variety of dishes, such as grilled meats and salads, and it also complements cheeses like feta

    When using Greek dried oregano, it can be added to dishes directly or used to infuse flavor into oils, dressings, or marinades. It's a must-have for sauce and soup making, and it can be used either dried or fresh
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