Oilladi Gourmet Foods imported from Greece

Oilladi's mission is to offer you delicious, authentic foods like our extra virgin olive oil, from olives cultivated in the traditional manner, hand-picked, cold-extracted and bottled the only way it should be in a dark, glass bottle. Our Kalamon Olive Spread is made with real Kalamon (also known as Kalamata) olives, minced (never pureed) with capers, sea salt, vinegar, grape must and herbs. Also from the Kalamata region, our Balsamic Vinegar with Honey is a perfectly balanced condiment to drizzle over tomatoes, strawberries or cheese or to use in a salad dressing. Our Thyme Honey and Forest Honey are naturally organic, raw, unheated and unprocessed.  They come from third generation, award-winning beekeepers.

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