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    The search for a more refined balsamic vinegar, with a milder character and taste, while always following our traditional recipe, led us to white balsamic vinegar. Messino white balsamic vinegar comes from mixing white Greek wine vinegar with concentrated grape must. No artificial sugars are added, but its mildly sweet taste comes from the natural fermentation of the must. White balsamic has slightly less acidity and sweetness than classic balsamic, full balsamic aroma, refined aftertaste and clear yellow color.

    The Messino white balsamic vinegar is especially recommended for those who request moderate acidity and absence of color, but with high demands on aroma and taste. Dare to experiment in the kitchen or use it just like classic balsamic vinegar.


    Messino white balsamic vinegar can be used in simple vinaigrettes for all kinds of salads, and is especially flattering on cabbage and legume salads. It is an excellent material for all white sauces, adding intensity but not color. Try marinating fatty fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines, or searing poultry dishes like stir-fry chicken. Finally, use just a few drops in your soups, especially legume or vegetable soups to bring out their flavors.

    Available in a 250ml glass bottle.


    Contains wine vinegar and concentrated purified grape must

    It does not contain gluten and added sugars

    Suitable for Vegan diet

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    Balsamic Vinegar

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