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    Handcrafted pasta made from wheat flour, semolina, sheep's milk, fresh eggs and salt.

    No artificial flavor or preservatives.

    The drying of the products is done with modern methods and with constant control.

    The family business "Mycenaean Tastes" is based in the Argolis Lakes and has been producing traditional pasta (and not only traditional) since 2013 with the most modern methods. With dedication to the gastronomic tradition of our place and a lot of passion, we created our own collection of pasta. With special emphasis on the selection of raw materials of excellent quality and the strict observance of the prescribed rules of hygiene and safety, which we apply in all stages of production and packaging, we are sure of the final product that you enjoy. We make traditional pasta using exclusively pure ingredients without a trace of preservatives, chemicals, flavor enhancers or artificial colors and we are proud of the healthy diet we offer.

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    Mikinaion Gefsis