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    Messino's range of aromatic vinegars is inspired by the aromatic plants and smells of Mediterranean gastronomy. Messino offers you an original and special tasting product by combining a special aromatic plant and the classic white wine vinegar. Mixing Messino white aromatic vinegar, produced exclusively from white wine varieties, with dried tarragon leaves results in a product with a special and demanding aroma, intense flavor and herbal aftertaste reminiscent of anise.

    Messino's aromatic vinegar will inspire you and change the way you think about tarragon.


    Include it in your daily table by flavoring your green salads with spinach or arugula or your boiled vegetables. It is an essential ingredient in separate sauces for pasta or grilled seafood and molluscs, while it is a key component of Béarnaise sauce. Try flavoring your homemade mayonnaise or yogurt-based dips. It brings out aromas and flavors in every soup, while it is excellent in poultry dishes, for example in fried chicken or festive turkey soup.

    Available in a 250ml glass bottle


    It contains white wine vinegar, water and dried tarragon leaves

    It does not contain gluten and added sugars

    Suitable for Vegan diet

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    White Wine Vinegar

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