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    Messino's range of aromatic vinegars is inspired by the aromatic plants and smells of Mediterranean gastronomy. One of them is aromatic rosemary vinegar. Messino white vinegar is married with fresh rosemary and a delicious product is created. Messino white vinegar from white Greek wine varieties is flavored with fresh rosemary, which is kept whole inside the bottle and naturally extracted, while its intensity increases with time. It has an earthy and fresh aroma, a strongly herbal and mildly acidic taste and an aftertaste of real rosemary.

    Messino Rosemary Aromatic Vinegar is a great alternative to plain vinegar or fresh herbs in your kitchen and on your table.


    White aromatic vinegar with rosemary Messino perfectly complements your salads, and is an integral ingredient in salads with legumes, pasta or potato salads. It goes perfectly with pork dishes and in general with your grilled meats. Try marinating your roasts like lamb or pork, roast vegetables or your baked potatoes.

    Even create separate sauces for your grilled seafood such as grilled octopus or squid or small grilled and fried fish such as mullet and sardines to impart a unique aroma and taste.


    Contains white wine vinegar, water and fresh rosemary

    It does not contain gluten and added sugars

    Suitable for Vegan diet

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    White Wine Vinegar

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