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    Messino's range of aromatic vinegars is inspired by the aromatic plants and smells of Mediterranean gastronomy. The fragrant basil we all love is harmoniously combined with the white aromatic Messino vinegar and they compose a special product. Messino white vinegar from white Greek wine varieties is flavored with fresh basil, which is preserved and extracted in a natural way, while its flavor intensity increases with time. It is characterized by moderate acidity, intense herbal aroma, fresh taste and aftertaste of basil.

    Aromatic Messino Basil Vinegar is a great alternative to plain vinegar or fresh herbs in your kitchen and table.


    Use the aromatic basil vinegar in your salads as it complements flavors and adds aroma to every combination. Ideal for salads that contain tomato, such as traditional village salad, tabbouleh salad or traditional maniatiki.

    It adds flavor and aroma to red or white pasta sauces, or is used as a base material in pesto sauce for extra aroma, while it perfectly highlights soups such as meat soup, tomato soup, etc. Try it even in marinades for grilled meats to soften the cold and add acidity to your food.

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