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    After almost 50 years of successful course in the international market of vinegar products, Messino innovates, creating and presenting, for the first time in Greece, Messino Pearls. The line with Messino pearls was created based on our long experience but guided by innovation in the taste and trends of modern molecular cuisine.

    Messino white balsamic produced from selected concentrated white grape juices and white wine vinegar, is the main ingredient of Messino white pearls. Messino white balsamic pearls are produced from a drop of white balsamic, which is transformed through reverse spherification into a perfectly crispy sphere with a juicy interior that bursts in your mouth. Almost clear, white balsamic pearls are preserved in their own liquid and have a strong acidity, and a mild balsamic flavor and aroma.


    Messino white balsamic pearls give you the opportunity to create unique combinations of textures and flavors and enjoy molecular gastronomy in your kitchen. Use them to garnish delicious recipes with seafood or fish fillets, such as anchovies and sardines, or oilier fish such as salmon. Add mild intensity and rich flavor to any salad as well as grilled vegetables. Dare to garnish cold soups or cold appetizers. At the same time, garnish the pearls of white balsamic on particularly cool cocktails to add texture and explosive flavor. Pearls can be used exclusively for garnishing any dish, in confectionery or distillery.

    Available in 50ml and 130ml packaging for professional use.

    Messino balsamic pearls contain no gluten or added sugars and are suitable for vegetarians.

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    Balsamic Pearls

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