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    Messino highlights the most famous and beloved spring fruit, the strawberry, combining it with the classic aged Messino Balsamic and offers you the balsamic cream with strawberry that stands out for its taste and aroma.

    Messino Strawberry Balsamic Cream is based on the mixture of Messino Balsamic and concentrated grape must and is flavored with natural strawberry juice. A fruity and balanced tasting product, with mild acidity and strong sweetness, deep red color and lingering strawberry flavor.

    Strawberry cream is an excellent dressing for all kinds of salads, however it perfectly highlights those containing fruit, nuts or white cheeses. It is an excellent ingredient for confectionery and all kinds of desserts. Try it as a glaze on ice creams or white sweets, such as panna cotta, pavlova and classic cheesecake, while it perfectly balances sweets with a strong presence of chocolate such as chocolate pie, brownies or classic cakes. Add it as an ingredient to sweet sauces, fruit jams and fillings for sweet puffs, while it also adds flavor to your fruit salad. For the adventurous, try creating sweet and sour summer cocktails or fruity concoctions and smoothies.

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    Balsamic Glaze

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