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    For those who love and enjoy grilled meat dishes and barbecues with good friends or family, Messino has created smoked balsamic cream. Her classic recipe. It comes from mixing aged balsamic vinegar with grape must, enriched with aromatics, reminiscent of the classic bbq sauce and offering a special smoky aroma to your dishes. This particular balsamic cream offers a unique combination of acidity and sweetness, with an intense tart character and a mild salty and spicy taste. It is an excellent healthy alternative, with low caloric value, to the classic bbq sauce, as it does not contain any sugar, gluten or other additives.

    It is the ideal companion of grilled meats, vegetables and even seafood, giving extra intensity to taste and aromas. Try pouring it over your roasts as soon as they're ready or, for an even stronger flavor, use it as a marinade for your roasts before grilling or in the oven.

    Garnish your pizza, fresh fries or even your omelette. Of course, you can also try it as a ready-made sauce on sandwiches with sausages or on handmade burgers and hot dogs.

    Available in a 250ml plastic bottle


    Balsamic vinegar 40%, concentrated grape must, aromatic barbeque elements.

    It does not contain gluten and added sugars.

    Suitable for Vegan diet.

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    Balsamic Glaze

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