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    An original and unique creation from Messino. Messino's rosé balsamic cream is a taste surprise that you definitely did not expect. It has a natural pink color, a mild acidic taste and a sharp balsamic aroma. The creamy version of Rose is here to impress and give flavor intensity and color to every recipe. Created by blending white and red Messino vinegar and mixed with white concentrated must, following our traditional recipe. It is lighter in color and taste than the classic balsamic cream, but Rosé Balsamic Cream with its rich color and original design fits every table. Messino rosé cream is ideal for every use. We suggest using it to glaze your green and colorful salads, as it goes well with any combination of vegetables. Shows off perfectly white, soft cheeses like goat cheese. It is an ideal glaze for grilled asparagus, shellfish or poultry. The rosé cream complements each dressing with olive oil and mustard, adding the ideal acidity. The more daring can incorporate it into tasty cocktails or drinks.

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    Balsamic Glaze

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