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    After almost 50 years of successful course in the international market of vinegar products, Messino innovates, creating and presenting, for the first time in Greece, Messino Pearls. The series with Messino pearls was created based on our long experience but with the innovation and trends of modern molecular cuisine in mind.

    We dared to spheroidize the pomegranate, enclosing in a single drop of juice, all the flavor of our favorite fruit as well as its known antioxidant properties. Messino Pomegranate Pearls are juicy drops of natural Greek pomegranate juice enclosed in a thin crispy shell and have a strong fruity aroma.

    Sweet and at the same time acidic, intense but also natural will be the taste sensation that the Messino Pomegranate Pearls will leave you, maintaining the bright red color of the natural pomegranate juice in which they are kept.



    Pomegranate pearls leave a sweet aftertaste and for this reason we recommend their use in both savory and sweet preparations. They flatter any kind of salad, perfectly highlighting salads that contain fruit. Garnish your soft cheeses like katiki or mizithra or your savory tarts. They are an ideal topic for any kind of dessert. Try them on top of a simple yogurt dessert or a balanced panna cotta, or give a light acidity to a chocolate pie or a red velvet cake. We also suggest tasting them in a refreshing cocktail/ or non-alcoholic drink. Pearls can be used exclusively for garnishing any dish, in confectionery or distillery.

    Messino balsamic pearls contain no gluten or added sugars and are suitable for vegetarians.

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    Balsamic Pearls

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