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    Messino combines balsamic cream with the most beloved Greek herb, basil, creating balsamic cream with basil. This is an amazing, fragrant and harmoniously tasting product that will change the way you think about basil.

    Our most aromatic cream comes from the mixture of aged balsamic vinegar, and concentrated white grape juice with natural extract of fresh basil. It offers a special botanical taste, with a strongly aromatic character and a balanced fresh aftertaste.

    Glaze your salads, adding an intense and fresh taste of basil, ideal for all salads and especially for those containing tomato and white cheeses, such as caprese. Try it as a dip or sauce on salty cheeses, such as Kefalotyri, but also on lighter and cooler ones, such as Anthotyro and Kalathaki Lemnos. Add flavor and aroma to a simple sandwich or a bruschetta with ingredients of your choice. Show off your Pizza or Pasta or simply create unique dips, for chips or fries, by mixing it with yogurt, olive oil and mustard.

    Available in a 250ml plastic bottle.


    Contains 40% balsamic vinegar, concentrated grape must and natural basil aroma.

    It does not contain gluten and added sugars.

    Suitable for Vegan diet.

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    Balsamic Glaze

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