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    Messino created the classic balsamic cream, faithfully following the traditional family recipe of years and having as a basis the traditional balsamic vinegar of its own production. This special cream comes from mixing aged Messino balsamic with concentrated grape must.

    A cream that gives us a rich sweet and sour taste, with a deep balsamic aroma and dark color, is sure to give a different dimension to the dishes you create.

    We suggest using it to glaze your green and colorful salads, as it goes well with any combination. Don't be afraid to try it on light and cool cheeses like anthotyro or on salty cheeses like Kefalotyri and Caseri, but also on smoked ones like metsovone. You can also garnish the platters of cheeses and charcuterie, creating an original flavor combination. Caramelize onions, marinate your roasts, create unique sauces and enjoy them with family and friends. It flatters and highlights all kinds of soups, while it can also be used in sweet and original combinations, such as a glaze or sauce on ice cream or yogurt.

    Available in 250ml and 500ml plastic bottles.



    Contains 40% balsamic vinegar and concentrated grape must.

    It does not contain gluten and added sugars.

    Suitable for Vegan diet.

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    Balsamic Glaze

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