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    Messino's range of aromatic vinegars is inspired by the aromatic plants and smells of Mediterranean cuisine. Messino creates the aromatic vinegar with oregano, simply combining the most widespread aromatic plant of Greek cuisine and its well-known white wine vinegar. Blending Messino white aromatic vinegar, produced from exclusively white wine varieties, with dried mountain oregano creates a product with a strong herbal aroma and a slightly woody, full-flavored product that encompasses all the nutritional benefits of dried oregano.

    A natural product, which is sure to give a different dimension to your cooking.


    Messino oregano vinegar is particularly flattering on beef and we suggest you try it as an ingredient in your burgers or in the marinade of your Sunday roast. It is an essential ingredient for the village salad or the traditional Cretan dako and can replace dried oregano. Don't hesitate to add grilled molluscs like our favorite octopus or marinated fish like marinated anchovies and salted sardines.

    Available in a 250ml glass bottle


    Contains white wine vinegar, water and dried oregano

    It does not contain gluten and added sugars

    Suitable for Vegan diet

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    White Wine Vinegar

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    Messino Vinegars