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    Messino's range of aromatic vinegars is inspired by the aromatic plants and smells of Mediterranean cuisine and gastronomy. We find it traditionally in all kitchens and now we also find it in Messino's most aromatic product. A clove of fresh garlic is dipped in our favorite Messino white wine vinegar and naturally flavored, while its flavor intensity increases with time.

    The white vinegar with garlic from Messino is characterized by a strong full aroma, has a mild burning taste and slight acidity and is sure to give a different dimension to your cooking.


    Messino Garlic Vinegar was created to elevate legume dishes such as lentil soup, the famous bean salad or colorful nutritious legumes. Use Messino garlic vinegar to make various traditional salads or appetizers, such as tzatziki, garlic or eggplant salad. Garnish your pickle or lean fish for extra flavor and aroma. It is an integral ingredient for stew, or an interesting addition to homemade sauces of all kinds.

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    White Wine Vinegar

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    Messino Vinegars