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    For lovers of pasta and Italian cuisine, but also for those who love mushrooms, Messino created the balsamic cream with truffle. The aged balsamic vinegar meets the concentrated must and is ideally enriched with the natural aroma of black Greek truffle. It offers a unique combination of balsamic acidity and mild saltiness, with a naturally aromatic, earthy character, a strong truffle aroma and a unique aftertaste. The special and incomparable taste of balsamic cream with Messino truffle is sure to upgrade your every dish.

    Indispensable material for any dish or creation that has as a basic material mushrooms, such as pies, risotto, tarts or sauces. Use Messino Truffle Balsamic Cream to make flavorful pasta sauces. Glaze roasted vegetables or thin pizzas and add flavor interest and aroma. Try it as a dip or sauce on salty cheeses, such as parmesan, but also on low-fat cheeses, such as mozzarella and goat cheese, while it is an integral part of a cheese or charcuterie platter.

    Finally, dare to create sweet and original combinations, such as cheese flan with Messino truffle balsamic cream “glaze”.

    Available in a 250ml plastic bottle


    Balsamic vinegar 40%, concentrated grape must and natural black truffle flavorings.

    Contains no gluten, no added sugars.

    Suitable for Vegan diet.

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    Balsamic Glaze

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    Messino Vinegars