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    The Messino red aromatic vinegar is made exclusively from red wine varieties from Nemea that come mainly from Ahiorgitika grapes. Red wine vinegar is deeply aromatic, with complex notes as it is made exclusively from wine and has a strong acidity and a sharp taste. The benefits that vinegar offers to the body are known as it has proven antimicrobial and antioxidant activity, while it also helps to reduce cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular diseases.
    Just a few drops of Messino vinegar are enough to add flavor and aroma to your food.

    Vinegar is a staple ingredient in the kitchen and can be used in all dishes. It is a natural preservative for vegetables, fish and even meat.

    It is the best choice for a marinade, as the strong acidity softens the meat or fish and allows them to absorb the flavor to the maximum extent. Red wine vinegar is best used to deglaze cooked foods in place of wine. Of course, it is used as a base for dressings or vinaigrettes and offers flavor and aroma to every salad, without requiring the addition of salt.

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    Messino Vinegars