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    Messino Balsamic Vinegar, also known as sweet, was created with love, using the knowledge and many years of experience in the production of vinegar products, always faithfully following the traditional family recipe of years.

    Messino balsamic vinegar is mainly made by mixing grape must with Greek wine vinegar and aged in suitable tanks for at least 6 months. No sugars are added, but its sweet taste comes from the natural fermentation of the must. It is slightly thick, deeply aromatic, with a strong sweet and sour taste, it goes with almost all flavors and gives intensity to your dishes with just one drop.

    Balsamic vinegar has a strong antioxidant effect, as it includes polyphenols and has multiple benefits for the proper functioning of the digestive system, brain and heart.


    Use Messino Balsamic Vinegar both during cooking and for garnishing your dishes. Create simple vinaigrettes with olive oil and add interest to your green salads or salads with boiled vegetables.

    Balsamic vinegar is an excellent ingredient for all kinds of marinades for grilled meats, mushrooms, etc. Caramelize your roasted vegetables, create flavorful sauces for pasta dishes, or use it to quench your food instead of wine.

    Available in 250ml and 500ml glass bottles.


    Contains wine vinegar and concentrated grape must

    It does not contain gluten and added sugars

    Suitable for Vegan diet

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    Balsamic Vinegar

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    Messino Vinegars